Ants sportwear and Smartstyle Fashion design individual uniforms that allow your school/business to stand out from the
rest and offer complimentary design consultation.

Ants Sportswear - School uniforms

At Ants Sportswear we recognise that there are many benefits that are derived from
wearing a school uniform. With this in mind we aim to provide school uniforms that
are attractive, comfortable and hard wearing.

Dressed for success!

Just as when adults put on their work clothes, students that put on uniforms are automatically in work-mode, ready to begin their day. Educators also tend to have higher expectations of students that are dressed for success. As a result, students work harder to live up to these expectations.

Having a stylish uniform helps to generate a feeling of pride in the school. It creates a harmony and helps teachers to easily identify students in the playground and out in the community. The school is also recognised in the community by its uniform so it is important to chose garments that reflect the school’s culture.

Uniforms help students identify with one another. This translates in more successful classroom group activities. Also, as a whole, school unity is promoted by a culture that focuses on the group instead of the individual.

Allow us to help you to chose a uniform which represents your school well.

Some of our current clients include:

  • Ipswich Girls Grammar School
  • St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Edmunds College
  • St Marys College Surfers
  • Paradise State School
  • Benowa State School
  • St Aidens Anglican College
  • and most recently Arcadia College Palm Beach and Southport

just to name a few...Ants Sportswear produce high quality uniforms and embroidery on polo shirts, skorts and uniforms.

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